God Is A Good Father

We just want to thank God for the wonderful customers he has given God Rocks. We had our first ever auction, and it was a huge success! I think everyone had fun!

We truly love our God RockStar family which is why we create the closed group to give our RAVING FANS an opportunity to have access to more of what they love, learn more about God Rocks and get sneak-peeks at items coming up before the general public gets a chance at them, since all God Rocks® are one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted items.

The Journey Has Been Beautiful

We have struggled for 4 1/2 years to get the God Rocks message out to people. Our prayers are that we will reach people through our products. We also believe our products can be used to reach the unreachable.

Several people have spoken that God Rocks will be nationwide by the end of 2016. We have claimed and believed that. Thanked God in advance for that. Our hearts are 150% into what we are doing, our message, our product, our ministry.

The Good Father Answered Prayers

This auction this weekend leaves me speechless. And that isn’t easy. God is opening new doors daily, sending new customers our way, answering our prayers. When you step out in faith, doors open, and unexplainable things happen.

God just likes to be thanked. Thanked in advance for what he does for us. We give all thanks to God for sending special customers our way, for opening doors, for the vision of God Rocks.

Thank you all for listening and loving what we do! We appreciate all of you.

And God? He is a Good, Good Father!