Abundant Blessings

Just wanted to take a few minutes to say goodbye to 2015 and wish you all a safe and blessed 2016. I have been told by more than one person of faith that 2016 is going to be an amazing year for God Rocks, and I am claiming that!

As you go through day to day events, it is hard to see that you are progressing. It is when you reflect and think about the events that have transpired this past year, the you realize that you need to thank God for how far you have travelled, the trials that you have survived and the tests that you have passed.

You also should reflect on the things that have caused you to turn closer to God, to build a relationship with him. The littlest of events can change your life, and the outcome will be based upon how you react to these events.

God gave us free will. The will to choose how to live our lives, how to react to circumstances. How we react can change not only our lives, but the lives of our children, our family for generations to come.

Think about the times, that you haven’t done something because of a nagging feeling in your heart. Later you realize that had you gone against that feeling, circumstances could have changed your life or the life of others. Think about the protection from an accident, that could have ended so differently.

Thank God For Abundant Blessings

While traveling this year, we have had some very close calls. Sometimes I had to shake my head and say, “Thank you God!”

I know that only God can do the impossible and keep me safe when it doesn’t seem likely. I know that my family faced a very difficult time when Stan became ill. I had a doctor look at me and say that he wasn’t going to make it. I will admit to 15 minutes of panic, but God calmed me with the reminder that He isn’t finished with us yet. That decision wasn’t up to the doctor but up to God.

I pray that tonight and tomorrow, you reflect on the year of 2015. Thank God for the blessings, known and unknown. Thank God for the ability to make choices that will change not only your life, but the lives of your ancestors.

I thank God, for the relatives who went before me, who told me about God. I praise God for my Uncle Austin, who had the most angelic smile. He has been gone for many, many years, but I know he would be proud of the person that I have become. I can remember being the tiniest child and going to church with him. He set a standard that I strive to be like.

I Praise God

  • I praise God for my mom, who kept us in church, even when it went against daily life.
  • I praise God for the safety and health of my husband who faced dire issues this summer. God isn’t done with him yet.
  • I praise God for the safety of my son, who was just in a terrible accident, but against all odds, all walked away. God isn’t done with him yet.
  • I praise God for my children, family and friends, who have held me up this year, either physically or spiritually when I felt I couldn’t do it on my own. God isn’t done with any of us yet!
  • I praise God for the people He has blessed us with. I have no words.
  • I praise God for the unknown blessings He provides daily. If I have a nagging feeling about something, I believe that is God’s way of protecting me. God isn’t done with me yet!!!
  • I praise God for the signs and visions He gives me, that lead me to do HIS work, and to share these visions with others. I pray that I can be the inspiration to bring others to live a life for God, long after I am gone, like my Uncle Austin.
  • I love you all, and as we begin a fantastic 2016, if you don’t know God, I pray you ask HIM into your heart, to change not only your life, but the lives of your ancestors to come. Find a church, a friend or relative to talk to if you have questions. Or message me! God isn’t done with you yet!

Hug your family, enjoy your blessings, and thank God for giving us His Son so that we may have eternal life!

Be Blessed!