Our hearts go out tonight to the people of Kalamazoo, Michigan. We set up at the Empowered Conference at Valley Family Church in May. We have a large client base in that area! We pray that they are all safe and their families also.

This hits very close to home. The last random attack occurred by the hotel we stay at. In their parking area. Life is so scary and so uncertain! Make sure you tell everyone you love them regularly, so there are no doubts.

From all accounts, this was a random act of violence, from a person with no criminal history. There is no explanation for his actions. As a Christian, as a community, we need to pray for the mental health of our country, our citizens.

Let’s Give Thanks

We need to thank God for our mental health. Often we hear that someone “snapped”. Thank God for the discernment to know where those voices in our heads come from. How easy it is to go from “saved and Christian” to “angry and yelling” when someone cuts us off in traffic. We need to thank God that He has instilled in us the foundation of righteousness as our “go to source” instead of allowing our mind and emotions to rule our lives.

Have you ever thought about how God is the ultimate multi-tasker? He is there, in Kalamazoo, comforting that city, to the families of the victims, while he is in our lives, seeing to our needs, our concerns.

He doesn’t say, “Wait until I am finished here.” No, God handles it all, for all of us! There aren’t “seven callers ahead of us”. He hears us when we call out to Him, all of us, all the time!

As parents, our children all seem to ask for our attention at the same time. It can make our heads spin! Sometimes we just have to say, “Wait a minute! One thing at a time!”

Yet God, He handles all of our needs, all at the same time. The term multi-tasking has become popular over the past few years, but if you think about it God was the first multi-tasker!

Giving has also been on our hearts lately. Speaking again as a parent, don’t you love it when your children share? When they are kind of heart and gracious in their actions? When their words are loving and their deeds are generous?

Show Them God Is Everywhere

We believe our God, our Father, is just like us. He is proud of us when we share with others, are kind of heart and are gracious in our actions. We believe he smiles when our words are loving and our deeds are generous.

What have you done lately to put a smile on God’s face? Bring a tear of proudness to His eyes?

We don’t believe giving is about money. Giving comes from the heart. What may seem like a little gesture to you may mean the world to someone else. Give with a loving heart, with no strings attached.

Make a difference in someones life this week!

Have a blessed week,