About God Rocks

God Rocks® Story

God RocksThe Mission of God Rocks®

Our mission is to remind everyone that God is always there for them.  When times seem hopeless, when you wonder how you can continue, God will not and does not leave you.  If you lean on him as your foundation He will see you through the hard times and the trials.  Just when you think that no one cares, God will show you that you are His child and that because He is the father you can get through those difficult times.  The foundation, built on God is indestructible.

The Vision of God Rocks®

God Rocks® are meant to be carried as a reminder that God is our rock and our salvation.  When things get tough they are a reminder that God is there for us. God Rocks® should be shared with others as a symbol that God will always be a foundation, a deliverer from thy enemies.  God Rocks® should prompt us throughout our day.  God Rocks® remind us that there is hope when things seem hopeless and that we have a future if we build our foundation on God’s promise.


Connie and the story of the God Rock®

The God Rocks® story is comprised of inspiration, faith, and healing. God gave me the inspiration for God Rocks® during worship.  My first thought was, “Yes, God Rocks!”.  It was then that I saw a vision of a rock with a cross etched on it.  That was when this became my purpose to create beautiful items to remind others that God is always there for them.  I believe God meant for these to be shared as a reminder, to “Remember The Foundation”.  The Foundation built upon God may be shaken but is always there, to build your life upon.

Little did I know the challenges I would face once I accepted this ministry from God.  Within a short time, I lost the vision in my left eye.  The doctors had absolutely no hope that I would regain vision in that eye, even with expensive and dangerous surgery.  I opted out of the surgery, instead faithfully believing that God would heal my eye.  It wasn’t easy, and at times was depressing.  God created a miracle in my life and a year later, restored my vision to a point that was better than before my illness.  Vision was actually changed in both eyes.  It is such a blessed feeling to see doctors shake their heads in disbelief!

I feel I have to carry on with my purpose, to share God Rocks® with the world.  To share with others as a reminder to Remember The Foundation and to let them know that no matter the circumstances, God does care about them.

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