Is It In The Gift or the Giving

I pray the New Year is finding you all healthy and blessed! I got so out of sorts with the holidays, I apologize and promise to get my Sunday posts back on track. I enjoy writing them and I hope you enjoy reading them.

I really enjoy interacting with people. You can learn a lot from just spending a few minutes with someone. A couple of weeks ago I met a man who was blessed enough to be able to bless complete strangers with a gift. The gift was in itself, not something of great value. It was given based upon group size, so a large group or family would gain great value from this gift. The man went to great monetary expense to provide these gifts.

To Give

I was blessed to be able to participate. The scene was totally unexpected for the recipient. Some people readily accepted this gift eagerly. This unexpected blessing from a stranger.

Some people wanted nothing to do with the scenario, thinking there had to be strings attached. There weren’t. They wouldn’t make eye contact, wouldn’t acknowledge I spoke. Those with a skeptical, fearful attitude received nothing, and missed out on a blessing.

I have worked in a lot of situations where I have been instrumental in blessing others. I have given my time and my resources to help others, and know that while I am doing something to help someone else, I am truly the blessed person for the experience, the chance to do good.

This man that I was helping out, at first was timid about handing out this gift. He watched me interact with people for an hour. He watched me accept thanks on his behalf, the hugs I got, and saw the tears of joy he put in peoples faces. He observed from a distance.

This wasn’t my gift to give, I was just the messenger. When someone thanked me, I nodded in his direction, and indicated that he was the person to thank.

Suddenly, he stepped up, and took part in the giving. I could tell that he enjoyed blessing others. I know nothing about this man, his faith, or life, but it appeared that this was a new experience for him. He went into a situation thinking he was giving to others, in the end, he was blessed to tears.

The rule I really try to live by is, “What if that person is Jesus in disguise? What would he think of my actions or inactions?” I realize not everyone looks at things this way, but by not acting, they are missing out on blessings.

God went to great expense for all of us. He gave His Son, so that we may have eternal life. No greater gift has ever been given. The thought of that leaves me speechless!

The Giver & The Recipient

This is the story of two people, the giver and the recipient. In my heart I know that the giver, God, had the greatest of intentions and had desire to give us the greatest gifts, provide us with our dreams and visions. God is a cheerful giver!

What kind of giver are you? Do you do your best to live as Jesus would, to help others with no strings attached? Are you a cheerful giver?

Now I ask which type of recipient are you? Are you a happy, eager recipient? Or are you the hesitant one, the one who will pass up eternal life, because you won’t listen to God, won’t look to God for the answers?

When Judgement Day comes, will you be a happy recipient of God’s gifts or will you receive nothing, because of a skeptical, fearful attitude?

As people cross your path this week, try to think of it in these terms,” What if that is Jesus in disguise? Will He be proud of me, my thoughts, and my actions?” If you put this thought in place before your actions or words, you will be more blessed than those you help.

Be blessed,