Let’s Think

something to think aboutIt has been a long wintery weekend across this country. I am praying for the safety of those who have been affected by this weather. I am praying for those traveling, for safe arrival at their destinations.

A large portion of the country is without power, without heat. This storm is an inconvenience to their lives, many business and schools will be closed tomorrow, because transportation will be impossible.

Inconvenienced. Dealing with hassles, “first world problems”, like no internet and no phone. No electric and no heat. Some will be angry, hateful, disheartened over the events that they can’t control, like the weather.

Others will embrace it, and enjoy their families without interruption. Play board games. Enjoy the snow. Take their children sledding. They will embrace the moment.

I am really sorry about the people that are without heat tonight, for a small period of time. For a season. Within a short time, the power, the electric and the internet will be restored and life will continue without thought of the recent “powerless” time.

What Are You Praying For?

My more fervent prayers go out for those who sleep with no heat nightly. Who don’t have a roof to call a home. For those, whose home is a tent by the river. Those who sleep under the bridges for shelter.

As a society, we turn our heads to the unpleasant “citizens” in our neighborhoods. Day after day, we pass by those in need, looking at them as a lesser person. A person of lesser value.

My friend used this as an example today in church, and I don’t think he will mind if I borrow it. Put six quarters on the table. What is the value of each quarter? 25 cents. Each quarter is valued at 25 cents.

Now, inspect the quarters. Do they all look the same? Upon inspection, one may have a nick, one may be dull. One may be shiny, one may be scratched. One may be beat up, one may be tarnished.

Does the outward appearance change their value? Is each quarter still worth 25 cent no matter their condition?

People all have the same value to God, no matter their condition. If they are battered and bruised, addicted and homeless, smelly and dirty, are they of any less value to God?

We All Deserve Prayer

Is their worth any less than those amongst us that are immaculate and pristine, clean and affluent, fragrant and pure?

Does God value these people differently? I believe we all have the same value to God, no matter our condition. Our value is the same no matter our circumstances.

How about you? Do you see that all people were created equally by God or do you hurry past the people on the street who appear different to you?

Would it surprise you to find that sometimes these people were productive members of society, just like you? By bad choices, circumstances, or simply lack of faith, they are now the outcasts of society.

Jesus was known for embracing the outcasts. What about you? What can you do to make a positive impact on, to invest in someone’s life?

In God’s eyes, the homeless man on the street has the same value as you and I. Something to think about.

Until next week…

Be Blessed,